The Heart Way-A Journey from Corporate to Care was published in 2006. Since then my family and I have experienced enough challenges to fill a second book on the subject. My wonderful stepdad, Jack, passed away in January 2009 after a short battle with complications of congestive heart failure. My mom, Marianne, missed him terribly, but carried on without him for nearly a year before succumbing to congestive heart failure in January 2010. Words can not describe the sadness I feel about losing my beloved parents.

Assisted living can be costly. In the case of my mom and stepdad, the costs drained not only my parents' savings, but cut deeply into my savings and those of my sister, Meg. In 2008, Gary and I decided that I should go back to a full-time job to help pay for my parents to remain in the community they enjoyed. This time around, based on what I learned in my journey from corporate to care, I chose to do something more personally fulfilling than travel management or marketing for the communications industry. I went for health care, education or non-profit and found a remarkable company to serve. In April 2008, I accepted a position as Director of Marketing for Silverado Senior Living.

Silverado Senior Living is amazing. We are the leading "memory care resource" for people with memory-impairing diseases such as Alzheimer's. We have 20 assisted living communities in four states, plus two other branches – Silverado At Home (allowing clients to stay in their homes) and Silverado Hospice (for end-of-life transitions). Both Jack and Mom were Silverado Hospice patients for several months, and we referred to their Silverado team of nurses, caregivers, social workers and tireless volunteer, Patti, as "our hospice angels."

Our company's operating philosophy is "LOVE IS GREATER THAN FEAR," which matches my personal philosophy. CEO and Co-founder Loren Shook wants Silverado to be one of the best companies to work for in America and, as such, we must strive to be the very best at the service we provide to our residents, clients and patients. The result: We walk the world-class talk.

Silverado believes in giving LIFE to those we serve. LIFE stands for love-innovation-family-engagement. I support Silverado's commitment to LIFE by offering this book to anyone facing the challenges of caring for an aging parent, spouse, relative or close friend.Please visit www.silveradosenior.com for more information about this excellent company. You may also enjoy my blog at www.shannoningram.blogspot.com. Feel free to contact me: singram@silveradosenior.com.

All the best in your own journey,
Shannon Ingram
Winter 2010

For more info please contact Shannon.

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