The Heart Way, A Journey from Corporate to Care

By Shannon Ingram.

A heartwarming, humorous and enlightening story of a woman’s journey from the exciting, high-pressure world of corporate America to the quiet, humbling, angst-filled world of caregiving for aging parents.

What people are saying about The Heart Way:

“Written with great ‘heart,’ this book offers much wisdom on the challenge of balancing work and family life.” -Nathaniel Branden, Ph.D., Author of The Psychology of Self Esteem, Lecturer, Psychotherapist, Philosopher

“Heartwarming! Delightful humor woven amid practical advice—as a dynamic corporate executive suddenly has to face the challenges of being a caregiver to aging parents. This passionate story offers insight and a unique perspective—helpful to anyone entering the world of eldercare.”
-Jacqueline Marcell, Author of Elder Rage, and host of Coping With Caregiving, an Internet Radio Program

"This personal journey is highly entertaining and informative for successful corporate achievers who are transitioning into caring for elderly parents. Using humor with sensitivity, Shannon Ingram demonstrates how the competing responsibilities of career and family can ultimately compliment each other. Surely many others will be facing this same type of journey and this book can prepare them for what may lie ahead."
-Chuck Martin, Author of Tough Management and Coffee at Luna's and CEO of NFI Research

“Shannon Ingram has done some really good work here that will be useful to all of us who are trying to balance life’s many challenges.” -Karen L. Twichell, Author of A Caregiver’s Journey-Finding Your Way

“This is a book about relationship change, from child to caregiver – and I emphasis CARE. Shannon leads us down the path that we will all take with our parents or will have our children take with us. If you want to share mutual dignity and respect with your children and your parents this is a must read. Love is caring being revealed.”
--James Collister, Author of The Last Relationship Book You’ll Need and founder of Excel In Living Institute.

“I was captivated from the very first page of this book. The opening story of life’s synchronicities leading the author on a new path in her life sets the stage beautifully for the insights she shares in living a richer experience through caring. Shannon provides us with tools that give us all the opportunity to life a fuller expression of ourselves.”
-Kirk Moore, Author of Tara’s Angels-One Family’s Extraordinary Journey of Courage and Healing, and Touched by Tara

"Anyone who is worried (or sure) that their successful life is still missing something should read this book immediately! In every chapter, this poignant, coming of (middle) age story seems to prick at the reader’s own complacency. If anyone should read this without chuckling often or losing a few tears, they should check for a pulse!" --Ruth Ann Hattori, Author of Innovation Training, Co-Founder of Innovation Network

"It's through Shannon Ingram's deeply personal recounting of her journey to care that we should all take note that the course of our lives can change drastically in a moment. The ride may be terrifying, heartbreaking, hilarious and peppered with regret and second thoughts, but, ultimately, it will be gratifying as long as you embrace the change with love and compassion. Shannon's transformation will be a warm blanket to the millions of boomers out there facing the same harsh reality—their parents are no longer the indestructible superheroes of their youth. ”
-Shelley Gonzales, freelance editor and writer.

“Shannon’s book provides proof that leaving an excellent job and moving to another state to care for aging parents can become a blessing and not a sacrifice. Her book is an inspiration: change that includes a positive attitude is life-enhancing. She never preaches . . . she teaches through her own experiences, many of which are delightful.”
--Bobbie Probstein, Author of Return to Center and Healing Now, A Personal Guide through Challenging Times.

The Heart Way

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